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Bobby Valentine

I always look forward to your posts Wade. The whole sad and sordid tale of Nazi Germany is a parable for the rabidly syncretistic followers of Jesus in America. This is a very thoughtful piece. Thanks for it.

Verner Ulrich

Thanks for your TIME and research for this material. While SOME may quibble with certain "doctrinal" positions of Bonhoeffer . . .few will quibble with his heart . . .and his voice of freedom and Christ-centeredness . . .thanks again - Verner

Wade Tannehill


Thanks so much for your comment which is really making me think. While writing the post I could see the tale of Nazi Germany as a parable for those who either reject orthodoxy or who belong to a state church. But you nailed it when you called the Nazi story "a parable for the rabidly syncrestic followers of Jesus in America."

"Christian" syncretism requires a merging of incompatible worldviews in which Christian absolutes will always be trumped by the relativism of other systems. Christianity, with its absolutes, is one of the few worldviews that cannot remain true to itself in these circumstances. In such mergers Christianity must compromise its very foundations, resulting in false doctrine that finally leads to the sacrifice of morality.

Wade Tannehill

Verner, Thank you. Comments like yours make the time and research worth it. Bonhoeffer may have been wrong about some things, but he was right on the doctrine of weightier matters.


wow, sad, interesting and VERY relevant

Wade Tannehill

Thanks, Brian. Yes. VERY relevant.

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