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"See, it's possible to spend far too much time trying to improve in my areas of weakness when I could be far more effective by capitalizing on and honing my strengths." --AMEN!

I think the strangest thing I've noticed over the past decade? maybe more are the congregations and elders who want the preacher or future preacher to "list your strengths AND weakness". I think we have forgotten that God is the one who gives us our abilities as the church requires them. I don't have weaknesses so much as I have areas of ministry that God has not deemed to be my strengths.

Good article.

Wade Tannehill

Don, Very well said. Perhaps the whole discussion needs to be framed as something other than strengths and weaknesses. Even the areas that God has not deemed to be my strengths are areas that I don't particularly shun, but they just aren't where I need to be spending a bulk of my time.

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