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Bobby Valentine

James Cone is a writer that every one needs to deal with. It is gut check time with Cone and he minces no words. I remember the first time I read him and how many times I was just mad at him! He says things like "Hitler is not dead, when I turn on my radio I hear him." Or "It is ironical that America with its history of injustice to the poor (especially the black man and the Indian) prides itself as being a Christian nation." Then he says such clear and radically true things as "Racism is a complete denial of the Incarnation and thus of Christianity" and "To be racist is to fall outside the definition of the church." Black Theology & Black Power is one of Cone's early works and it is a witness to the angst and even fury of the age. A powerful book.

Twenty or so years after that book he wrote "Martin & Malcolm & America: A Dream or a Nightmare." It is a must read. It has the same honesty as BT&BP but the rhetoric is not as inflammatory. Radical reading for radical times.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks so much for the comment. I'll have to pick up "Martin & Malcolm in America." Malcolm X's autobiography is also on my reading list. We are blessed in our city to have a "Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center" operated by a Christian lady where these kinds of works can be checked out.

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