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Bobby Valentine

amen ... and amen again. Well done Wade.


Amen, Brother! Why do so many professing Christians fail to see this beautiful truth? I've been trying to share the power of the Holy Spirit with whomever will listen, but they keep accusing me of supporting salvation by works or (worse) that I'm being self-righteous. But God doesn't just excuse sin; He empowers us to rise above it and truly live righteously. I will be praying for your ministry and will be back for more! Too bad we live so far from Ohio... :(

Wade Tannehill


Thanks so much for your kind words. I too, have had many objections to this teaching about the Spirit which I feel is so clearly biblical that it cannot be missed. I think those who accuse of salvation by works are actually more guilty of what they accuse. They seem to think that the flesh can achieve what only the Spirit can empower.


have plans for Tulsa??



forgot that i read this, needed it

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