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I think part of being part of God's kingdom is about here and now not when. Jesus did pray, "Thy Kingdom come...one "earth". We too often are so focused on the "there" (heaven) that we ignore the "here" (earth). If it is eternal it would definately include the here and the now. So, we need to be livng out the kingdom now. Making the world a better place now. Taking care of the sick, hungry, poor, orphaned, the outcasts, I believe is our role as servants of the King and citizens of the Kingdom. I think it would be sad, very sad, if salvation was only relevant when life was over. It would mean that we are just on this earth to get somewhere else. Kind of sounds pointless. Great post and thoughts. Keep up the great work you do. I enjoy your blog.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks again for reading and for your comment. I agree with you that salvation and life in the kingdom are in the here-and-now and not just in the afterlife. Being overly focused on the "there" leaves us too unconcerned with the "here" as if nothing we do here really matters. But it does matter. Why improve the quality of someone's life "here" if getting them "there" is all that matters? Why care for the earth "here" since it's just going to burn anyway?

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