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Great post. Can people relate to an historical Jesus more than they can a perfect, divine Jesus? Do you think some scholar approach it from that point of view?

Wade Tannehill


Thank you so much for commenting. I appreciate it. While I think the Enlightenment was a huge influence, there is likely something to what you propose as well. Some may have a difficult time understanding this, but my faith is actually built up, and not torn down, when I read some of the historical Jesus scholars. They ask how our view of Jesus might be different before the creeds and councils of early Christendom. They help me to see how Jesus was very human and lived in the real world. I naturally don't agree with all their conclusions but their theories about the construction of and accretions to the biblical text help me to isolate its structure and intent more clearly.

Bobby Valentine

No resurrection ... No church. Its that simple.

Wade Tannehill

Yes, it is that simple.

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