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Is it possible to be progressive in the sense that we are culturally sensitive and culturally savvy without being cultural chameleons?

while also being a tongue twister, that last sentence is good, and a place to start, with defining terms, of course, but a very helpful question, in my opinion

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for the feedback. I obviously agree that this is a good place to start. It seems that people are extremists by nature, either circling the wagons or running off the cliff.


The longer I go the more conservative I become. That of course is relative since in CoC ranks I would be called by some an extreme flaming liberal. I personally think that our inability to have a Christ-centric faith has only helped with this type of thinking. When you find the absurdity in one area you may have trouble containing it.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for the insight. I agree with you. The more grounded I become in Christology the more conservative I become. I consider myself conservative in regard to a traditional Judeo-Christian world-view, but not in regard to what author Rachel Held Evans has recently called "false fundamentals." And the more I read the real liberals (Crossan, Spong, Borg, etc.) the more I find myself arguing with them on the basis of Scripture. Part of it comes from knowing the Scripture well and in context, not just as proof text.

Bobby Valentine

Wade i am at the edge of my seat waiting to be blessed by your next post.

Wade Tannehill

Bobby, Thanks for the nudge. I will post something soon.

David Dallas

I am not familiar with Rachel Held Evan's "False Fundamentals" but I recently paid a dollar for her "Evolving in Monkey Town" and found it to be overpriced. I am further disappointed to see her as a presenter at the ACU lectureship. She is being given much more exposure than she deserves if her book is an example of her offerings.

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