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Good post, Wade. My faith is in Jesus, not in MY (probably flawed) interpretation of Genesis.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for the encouragement.



I obviously read and then commented on your first post before getting to this one. Now that I've read this one, I can only guess that you're getting tired of never being mentioned at a lectureship :-) All joking aside, like you I find myself in a sort of no-man's land compared to many scientists and conservative Protestants. I'm interested in reading a few Roman Catholic scholars on these issues because my understanding is that they sort of don't claim any team in the tournament and are far from being anxious or conflicted about science and the Bible.

As always, good thoughts here, well-worded.

Wade Tannehill


As always I appreciate your kind words. Catholics aren't the only ones who seem neither anxious nor conflicted about science and the Bible. Nor are mainline Protestants too excited about the issue. The debate seems restricted to evangelical circles.


Wade, along this line one reason I'm interested in Catholic scholarship is because they don't seem interested in putting down the other side, which is typical of both mainline and evangelical treatments.

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