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Hi Wade. Always good to hear from you here at your place. I've also noticed what seems to be a downturn in blogging. On the other hand, maybe we just haven't kept up with who's new while others are quitting. I for one don't intend to quit anytime soon because my reason for starting hasn't changed: I just like to get some things out in writing. And if I can get some feedback, response, new ideas, suggestions, push back, etc., then all the better. Half the time I don't know what I think about something until I write about it. So my blog is sort of a writer's goad for me. Anyway, I hope you'll stay at it because Nonconformist Chronicles is one of my favorites. Enjoy your new books. Heck, blog about one of them sometime :-)

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for your comments. Frankly Speaking is definately one of my favorite blogs--one of the few of which I read every single post. I write for the identical reasons that you do, but being a pulpit minister I have plenty of opportunities to express my thoughts in sermons, classes, and bulletin articles as well. The blog is more a place where I can ask questions and explore options that might make people nervous on Sunday morning.


glad to know you are well, also spent bucks on books recently that I might actually read some day

Wade Tannehill

Thanks Brian. I still have books on my shelf that I bought nearly twenty years ago and still haven't read. I'm using this year to catch up now that I've got master's degree, job search, moving, and a new work behind me.

David Dallas

It doesn't sound like you probably need to purchase any more books for a while. But in case you do--mardel.com will get you to the web site of the Mardel stores which right down are restricted to Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas. If you sign up-you can receive e-mails about our sales--WE do have good books on sale for 50% off fairly regular. Also, we have a bargain book section where many books are less than half price. Nice thing--shipping is only $5 no matter how much you buy.
A good 365 day devotional now on sale for 9.99--regularly 19.99--is "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. Carylon is really enjoying it--Get one for Gretchen!
Glad things are well with you and your work.

Wade Tannehill

Thanks David,

I'll check that out!

Dave Faulkner

We lost a good bookstore chain this year as well, called Davis-Kidd Booksellers. I thought about making a t-shirt with the words, "I read about the Davis-Kidd bankruptcy on my Kindle," but a rare occurrence of common sense and good taste prevailed. Glad you're still blogging along.

Wade Tannehill

Thanks, Dave. I guess the internet competition is just too much for the brick and mortar stores these days.

Bobby Valentine

Sarna's book on Exodus is excellent too

Wade Tannehill


I was not aware of Sarna's book on Exodus. I'll put that on my want list.

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