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Great post brother.
I believe that we as believers can take the resurrection literally.
We should take the resurrection literally because it is central to the essential saving faith that we have as believers.

I do think Christians pick and choose what we want to take literal. Sometimes for our good and sometimes to control and manipulate people for our own agendas.

Warren Baldwin

I rest in the thought that if God can create life then he can "re-create" it or resurrect it) after death.

Wade, have you read, "There is No/A God by Antony Flew yet? I just received it today for my birthday. It is about how Flew, a former athiest, changed his mind.

Wade Tannehill


I agree that we sometimes pick and choose what to take literally and I'm sure that I would be accused of such since I do not see the overall truthfulness of Scripture standing or falling based upon the literalness of every biblical narrative. I think we should consider whether the point being made by a given biblical author requires a literal understanding. In the case of the resurrection, I believe that Matthew's point is moot if the resurrection was not a real historical event in time. And in this case I do think the entire truthfulness of Scripture hinges upon the literalness of a text.

Wade Tannehill


No, I have not read that yet, but I would like to get around to it sometime. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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