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Bob Bliss

Why Does Spong even bother to call himself Christian? Considering what he believes he would be better off in some other religion. I have never understood why he hangs around in a church that has some vestiges of biblical belief.


Einstein demonstrated "the relativity of all articulated truth"? Gee, Dr. Spong, I always thought he was talking about motion and time and space. You know, that Newton's laws don't predict with certainty what can or can't happen in the physical universe. But that couldn't be true, because physical relativity would leave open up the possibility of exceptions to Newtonian laws. And they always have to be obeyed, or else we might just have a miracle now and then. And that can't happen, right?

And humanity is progressing towards "higher consciousness"? Dr. Spong, I'm afraid you've never had the pleasure of seeing today's college students at 9 a.m. Most of them look like something that just slithered out of the primordial soup. But you could still be right since early last century we fought the war to end all wars. Oh, wait. . .

Wade Tannehill


Your question is a good one. I'm wondering that myself.

Wade Tannehill


Sooo, if Einstein really demonstrated the relativity of all articulated truth, this would mean that Newtonian laws are relative and this would open the door for exceptions to those laws. hmmm.

I think I have been objective in my responses to Spong's book, even applauding much of what he says in regard to the presence of the OT in the NT and in regard to a more Jewish approach to Scripture. But I find it completely unnecessary that these conclusions would lead to where Spong thinks they do.

Warren Baldwin

Appreciate your review/discussion of this book that I probably wouldn't have read on my own. wb

Wade Tannehill


Good to hear from you. So now you're going to rush right out and buy this book, right? ;-)


Great question.
I think we should strive to see the word of God as applicable to our lives yet it was written so many years ago to a certain culture.
The question I have does it change for our culture to become applicable today.
Is that what Christ would do?

Great post and discussion brother!!

Wade Tannehill


That is the big question isn't it?

How different would the Bible be if it were written in our time? And do we have the right to rewrite or reintepret it for today's mindset?

Darren Beachy

I like what Spong says, "We must take the Bible seriously but not literally" (or something like that). I would concur with this.

Wade Tannehill


I appreciate your willingness to share what seems to be a dissenting view judging from the other comments. Of course some would equate taking the Bible seriously to taking it literally.

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