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Paula Harrington

Good advice for any stressful situation.

Wade Tannehill

Thank you, Paula.


wow, he pitches for the Astros and has time to write a book, interesting

Wade Tannehill


That's OswalT, not OswalD. But you knew that, right?

Darren Beachy

After being here in Illinois for 3 years I was able to get 4 Sundays off per year plus the 3 Sundays off as regular vacation time. It is a blessing not only to me but also to the church.
During my Sundays off I either go on a retreat or just visit other churches. I never go to my church if I am not preaching. It usually ends of being one Sunday off per quarter. I so look forward to those Sundays!

Wade Tannehill


I hear that in Japan people have far more vacation time, which is why you see Japanese people with their cameras at so many tourist attractions. They have time to travel. And I hear that the porductivity of workers in Japan is far greater than in the U.S. So many companies (and churches) in the U.S. seem to think that burning their workers out is the way to increased productivity. But God knew what he was talking about when he created Sabbath.

I'm sure visiting those other churches gives you a lot of perspective.


Wonderful post.
I think each points are so great and relevant for us all.
It is so easy for all of us to get so busy that we don't have time, quality time with God.
If only we can slow down and take the time that God demands and wants from us I believe would cut down on the amount of burnout that takes place in ministry. I think if churches would value tenure in their ministers and famlies than churches would really, really benefit.

Wade Tannehill


Very well said. The tenure part especially needs to be emphasized more.

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