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Please list them quickly! I could really use some new ideas on coping strategies.

Wade Tannehill

Coming right up! Maybe Monday at the latest.

ben overby

Wow, do I ever relate to that. I wasn't forced out of the last church I worked with, I just feel like I was pushed out by Jesus. I didn't just experience job change, I've stepped into a new career (medical practice management), which I new zero about this time last year. We had to move from NY and give up on New Genesis because I couldn't find a well-paying job. We moved back to Georgia on our credit card. We went from living in our own house to an apartment; with our two grown boys sharing the same room. And, we bought a house two weeks ago and will pick up the keys this evening. I'll paint a few rooms tomorrow, and we'll move next week. Since December 05 we'll have moved three times, four jobs, not counting my son's jobs, over thousands of miles, while helping our boys cope with incredible changes.

I have never been more at peace, and feel as though I'm under zero stress. And I think my wife and kids (one now in college, another headed for college next year) would say the same about themselves. All praise to God.

Wade Tannehill


Glad things have worked out for you and congratulations on the new house. Have fun painting. Glad you're blogging again.

I remember your post about leaving your job in New York after so short a time following the ending of your last job and the major move. I remember thinking, "I hope that doesn't happen to me," but feeling in the back of my mind that it very well may. And it did.

Glad your kids have adjusted so well. People say kids are resilient, which is true, but all of God's people can be resilient once they've been in situations where they are forced to trust him like never before.

Compared to what I've endured, the transition I'm going through now is a piece of cake.

John Dobbs

I don't really know what's happened in your transitions Wade, but I hope that things are settling down. We can tell a tale about transitions and that stress scale too. God bless.

Wade Tannehill


I'm sure you can. And what I've been through is really small potatoes compared to your last several years. Things are fortunately settling down for us.

Wish I could have joined all you guys at Tulsa, but I am busy with getting a house ready to sell and doing the new job I began in January. Maybe next year. I hope there is a second annual bloggers luncheon.

Wade Tannehill

oops! Did I say I'd do the follow up to this post no later than Monday? Life has got in the way again. I'll keep trying.


Hang in there man. We went to a new job and state too, and to a new school. You are in my prayers.


Wade Tannehill


Thanks for the comment and for the prayers. May God bless your new work.

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