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Tim Archer

After my senior year in high school, I had jaw surgery. I went 7 weeks without being able to talk. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Learned to maximize short notes written on a note pad; when I was at home, I used a magic slate. (do they make those anymore?)

Hope your voice comes back soon!

Grace and peace,


it's going around, i had a rough time last week, even got someone else to teach bible class so I could drink more tea/coffee and try to get more voice to preach.
the wednesday evening prior, i could barely talk...

good thoughts!

Wade Tannehill


I cannot imagine not being able to speak for that long. Good thing you weren't a preacher at that time. I believe they do still make the magic slate, but with today's technology, it isn't too prevalent.

Wade Tannehill


You too huh? I struggled to preach Sunday night, but surely I'll be okay by next Sunday.

Royce Ogle

Isn't a pencil a wonderful invention?


Wade Tannehill



Bobby Valentine

Royce took my idea!!


I want you to know that I have been praying for you brother for complete healing.
Remember Jesus Cbrist is the Great Physician.

Wade Tannehill



Wade Tannehill


Great minds think alike.


It seems that I lose my voice twice a year. It is during those times that I am struck by how much I miss the rest of the time. For instance, it forces me to listen to the other voices singing during worship assemblies. I have slight hearing loss in one ear, and when I'm singing (loudly, I might add, because I only have one volume setting), I don't hear everyone else as well. The loss of my voice forces me to really appreciate so many things that I normally ignore or take for granted.

Wade Tannehill


I guess there's a bright side to everything if you look for it--or at least you can learn from any situation.

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