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josh from Gabbatha

Stoppin' in to say hi. I know it's been a while. Take care!

Wade Tannehill


It has been a while since I posted and I appreciate the fact that you're still stopping by. I've been preoccupied with some of life's issues and uncertainties as I seek clarity from the Lord. But I hope that I can finally post more regularly.


I enjoyed your comments. As a farmer, I live this lesson everyday! I appreciate hearing the message again though.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for stopping by!


The questions I have when things get shaking is: Does God really understand me? Is ministry really worth it? Here I am serving you God and have to put up with this crap. Why? I mean Wade be honest. If Christian really acted like Christian preachers would live less, be paid more, have better benefits. Does the churh and Christians really know and understand the severity and cost of going through so many preachers? Do they know th accountablity? Do they understand that minister have been "Called by God" and it is my personal opinion we need to rethink the entire elder/pasotrial system. It is crzy a farmer, banker, teacher, retired man who does nothing but play golf to tell minister how to do their jobs. I mean come on...where is the common sense in that mentality. I don't think the elders and congregations have no idea the stress we and our families go under families families go under.
I hope all is going well with with you and you families.
I am going to try to write a books on what churches need to know in hiring a minister and the stress they are under. I was wonsering if you would like to co-write it with me Wade.
Let me know.
I love you and your family.

I just go out of the hospitial yet again.
I spent 2 days in ICU with pnumeunia.
I also have internal bleeding that they found in my esophagus.
So please brother keep me in your prayers daily.

Wade Tannehill


I feel your pain on so many levels. Praying for you daily. We'll talk soon.

Bobby Valentine

Anxiety. It is easier for those to resist that have nothing to worry about!! At least that is how I see it now. When you have not spoken to your child in 2 weeks and at one time you not only spoke to them but hugged them several times a day ... anxiety arises. Sometimes the world, that part of creation in rebellion against the Creator, sends a boatload of BS your way and it is really hard not to get anxious about it. There is only one way that I have found to deal with it. Get brutally honest with God. We church folk though resist that with everything we have. It is not "spiritual" or "respectful" or whatever ... simply more rebellious creation bs fed to us by the Principalities and Powers of the Night. Nothing relieves stress like a good old fashioned gut wrenching honest toe to toe talk with Yahweh.

Kinny we are in prayer for you. Wade We are in prayer for you.

I will put up my tag tomorrow.

Seeking Shalom,
Bobby V


Glad you're bloggin again :)


How are things going?


I like the series so far, good and bad anxiety. This is something I try to control in ministry and in life.


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