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Great thoughts! I loved your statement of, "The point of this parable is to keep praying--not to wear God down, but to keep the faith by staying in relationship with him."

Relationships and prayer -- Awesome!


I think it was Yancy's book on prayer that said we find out how much we really want something by how persistent our prayers are. If something is really important to us and we have faith that God can and will grant it we will not give up after one or two requests go unanswered. Maybe sometimes God is trying to see if we are really serious about what we are asking for....


Wade you are right on. Great Post!

josh from Gabbatha

Great post. God bless ya brother.

Matt Dabbs

I wholeheartedly agree that the point is to keep on praying even if the answer is not evident. It is a display of faith to keep on praying to God even when the answer is not quick in our eyes. We keep praying because we know God can and will answer.

John Roberts

Great thoughts, glad you're back posting.

Royce Ogle


Excellent! I prayed for my father for many, many years before God in his wisdom answered and saved my dad. Recently I heard about an elderly woman who prayed for her brother for 67 years before he trusted Christ. And her response was "Oh isn't it wonderful that God is so faithful to answer our prayers". And, He is.

Grace to you,
Royce Ogle

Lisa Leichner

Just curious ... how do we know if prayers answered after many years were because of our persistence, and not because it was just the right time then, many years down the road, for God to finally answer the prayer in the way we were asking? Probably doesn't matter, just wondering.


Excellent post!

I am planning on a sermon series this summer on the parables- inluding these. Thanks for the material! :)


I think part of the parable(s) message is that if we have so much confidence in our earthly friends and corrupt co-inhabiters then we should have absolute (real) faith in God. God is always up and God is always willing. But in all things God's will not your will, or my will, or someone else's will but GOD'S WILL is the only will that will be done.

I believe ultimately that prayer, more than being a spiritual gold card, is the most perfect evidence for US that we not only believe in God but actually have biblical faith in Him. In the long run I don't have to prove anything to God. He's God. But He allows me to receive strength and hope and comfort in prayer. Does God answer prayers? YES. Father is there any other way? No. - In the end, Jesus was more interested in knowing God the Father was still with Him and going to remain with Him through this ordeal than in finding a way out. Jesus' prayer in the garden gave Him strength and the faith to move on. God the Father's NO was really- 'I've got this thing all worked out, remember. I love you. I'm still with you.'

lisa (just commenting) Because God is faithful and we need to continually be strengthened.

josh from Gabbatha

Haha about the proposal part. I just drugged my wife and took her to the courthouse.

Trey Morgan

Hey bro,

I love the story of the persistant widow. Too cool. It reminds me of my kids sometimes. I know I grant them things because they ask SO many times I finally say, "Fine, whatever, just DON'T ask anymore."

I'm so glad we don't have a God like that. A God who gets tired of our asking and says, "Fine, just give me a break. You are wearing me out."

God is good.

Matt Dabbs

The next question - Can Wade be persuaded to act...and give us another post on prayer? Looking forward to it.

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