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john dobbs

Thanks for the mention, Wade. It was great to see you again. Wish we could have sat down for a few hours and talked. It was a super week. I look like I'm about to fly away in that picture. LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your booklist.

Lisa Leichner

Sounds like a great time!!


I would recommend any of Rainer's books. Though I don't always agree he offers great insights for the church today. I just finished the Unchurched Next Door. Good educational reading written to be consumed.

It was good to see you and I loved the spark in the eye. You have a lot to offer the body. I’m glad your experience hasn’t broken that.


i have simple church on my list,
'you must review it when you are finished, or at least email with what you thought about it

glad you had agood trip.
there were 4 from our congregation in NJ who came, I wish I had been one of them

Trey Morgan

Thanks for the report on the workshop. I'm planning on being there next year. I hate that I've missed it now 3 years in a row.


Matt Dabbs

Sounds like a blast. There is a volume 2 of Evangelicalism in the stone campbell movement? I need to get up to speed!


Okay, first of all I'm jealous, jealous, jealous. However, it would make me feel a little better to see a photo of Wade mid-air inside "the inflatable jumping thingy."


You didn't tell them that a Judge made you go under a court order. :-)

Wade Tannehill


How could I have forgotten? Yes, it's true. I HAD to attend the Tulsa Workshop or be in contempt of court. I was scheduled for jury duty that week, but the judge let me out of it for the specific purpose of attending the Workshop. The miracles never cease.

Bobby Valentine

Wish I could have been there.

Bobby Valentine

Wade Tannehill


I'd love to sit down and have that long talk with you one day. In the meantime, we'll keep reading each other's blogs. It's an honor to be on your must read list.


Wish you could have been there.


Thanks for being candid about my "experience." Now if I can teach my daughter something about candor :)

Glad you could see the spark in the eye, although I wasn't feeling so "sparky" physically that day. But Tulsa is a big boost spiritually and socially.


Wish you could have come with them. Maybe some year. I'll try to do that book review for you.


Sorry you weren't able to go. But thanks for coming by here.


Yes, it's out. This second volume published by ACU Press and dealing with major theological issues like Openness Theology, Christology, and Eschatology.


I'm too tall for the inflatable jumping thingy.


I wish you could have too. It would be great to see you again.

Jim Martin

So glad you were able to go. A great report. Made me almost feel I had been there.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for reading.

Jeff Slater

The Tulsa Workshop got me out of jury duty 2 years ago! I had already purchased my plane ticket, so they excused me.

I had to miss this year because of another commitment, but I hope to be there in 2008.


I'm glad you had a good time. It's crazy, but I grew up in Claremore and went to Tulsa all of the time. Take care!

Wade Tannehill


How about that! So I'm not the only one. Thanks for commenting.

Wade Tannehill


So does that mean you went to Tulsa or that you went to the Workshop? For some in the Restoration heritage going to "Tulsa" is synonymous with going to the Workshop.


Haha... I understand. I was born/raised in Claremore, a small town northeast of Tulsa. When we went out to do things (go to the mall, movies) we went to Tulsa. Take care!

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