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Tim Archer

Psalm 37:4: "Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."

It took me a long time to realize that the two parts of this verse are in separable. The second part begins to come true when we truly make God the principal desire of our heart.

Now that my head knows it, I'm working on convincing my heart of the same.

Grace and peace,

Bob Bliss

Wade, good post. I have always liked Solomon's prayer life. His prayer for the dedication of the temple is one of my favorites. His prayer at that time is full of "divine-esteem" and not "self-esteem."


Great post.
I couldn't have said it any better.

Lisa Leichner

I especially appreciate your last paragraph, that it's still okay to pray for personal things, but with the acceptance that God should do what's best for the Kingdom above all. I am trying to word my prayers with that in mind. Thanks for this great series!


Amen! (In my most pentecostal-like accent)

I've been thinking about posting on the blessings of God in John 21. Peter fished all night long, fished his clothes off actually, so it wasn't for lack of effort. It was only when he had Christ's permission as to where to fish (you could call it Christ's direction), that the net was overflowing.

The most interesting part is that the boat they were fishing in couldn't have been that big. I mean Jesus didn't say, "Go over to that part of the sea" or "Fish over in that area". No... He said throw the net on the other side. It was almost as if the fish had been down there the whole time, just waiting for Jesus to speak the word... Amazing!


I forgot the point. That is that I believe it's possible for Jesus to hold blessings from us until we learn to follow His leading and His direction. Good post.



I am loving these posts. The entire series is giving me great food for thought as I am planning some lessons in the far, far future. Excellent material.

One thing I have noticed in my prayer life is maturity. Personally, the more I grasp the undeserving time I have in which God will listen to my feeble words humbles me. When I begin to realize the blessings I have and keep receiving are not of my doing or anyone else on earth today, I prayer harder and wiser, even though I still grow in wisdom through prayer.

It is interesting for me, because I wrote a list of things I wanted in 1992 as I entered my first year of college at West Virginia University. I was bound to become successful on my road to wealth and fame. As you might tell, things changed for me. I left WVU and traveled to FHU to begin study and preparation for the ministry.

Well, I saw that list not too long ago and believe it or not, I have everything on that list and more, with one exception -- the car I wanted to drive. Talk about humbling, I hit my knees in humbleness to thank God above because I am still undeserving.

I will get the car, a Lexus, one day, but for now they do not make one I can afford. My wife reminds me our daughter is named Alexis (not after the car). So, I guess I have everything on the list, even my A Lexis.

Great work!

Randy Lucas

Thank you for your series on prayer. It has helped me in my preparation for a prayer and fasting evening we are having at our church this week for an important congregational issue we are facing.

Blessings, Randy

Wade Tannehill


Hmmmm. I wonder what that could be. Working through all this has helped me with the issues I am currently facing as well. God Bless.

Matt Dabbs

Thank you for the reminder. Prayer is certainly not about us. If it was, we would certainly be in trouble. God bless

Wade Tannehill


A good point. One that first became clear to me when I heard Max Lucado mention that Proverb when I was visiting Oak Hills one time.

Wade Tannehill


Well put. Thanks.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for coming by.

Wade Tannehill


I appreciate your encouragement.

Wade Tannehill


You are absolutely right. I think I am living proof.

Wade Tannehill


I have everything on my list too. Isn't God great! I am honored by the influence you say this series is having on you and your teaching. Thanks.

Wade Tannehill


You are so right.



Trey Morgan

I find it interesting that I'm much more comfortable praying about myself, my needs and my wishes. I'm embarassed that I can't seem to pray as long about how good God is in both praise and adoration.

Thanks for sharing ... Trey

ben overby


I was listening to some weird stuff on Larry King the other night. It was about "the secret," and tripped on about how to use God to get abundance. It was all egocentric and seemed totally alien to the gospel. Prayer is a power. As good stewards we can seek God's resources, but for what end? If we are to be good stewards over creation by bearing His image, then it would seem that our energy needs to be focused on everyone and everthing else as was the case with His mirror Image--Jesus. As soon as we learn a secret that tells us that God exists to give us western riches then we rob Him of His dignity and turn Him into little more than a candy machine (stick a prayer in, get a blessing out).


paula harrington

Just wanted to tell you that this if one of my favorite series. Very thought provoking.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks. Glad you're still blogging.


I'm not sure I'd worry too much about that when most of the famous prayers in the Bible are petitionary. I think it honors God to depend on him.


I always enjoy your comments. Very insightful as usual.


Thank you for telling me that. People like you keep me writing.You are so kind.

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