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ben overby


Great. Especially, "Notice he didn't say, "We don't know how we ought to pray," as if the problem was just a matter of finding the right formula or the right words. But Paul said "We don't know what we ought to pray..."

So much is totally beyond our imagination. At times we can only groan in our deepest self. But, even then and there the Comforter doesn't leave us alone or without a voice.



Bruce Almight (despite some crude Jim Carrey humor) has some really good theology in it. Like the conflict of free-will and love.

something about prayer that the movie effectively shows is when Bruce is answering prayers all over the world, and gets tired of it, so hits "reply all" in his prayer-mail software and answers "Yes" to every single prayer.

the world falls apart, disasters, problems everywhere, etc.

it makes a great point

Wade Tannehill


Thanks once again for pointing out what stood out to you. I appreciate it. This gives me some feedback on how I'm doing. And your second paragraph is very insightful. Thanks.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks. I guess I'll have to break down and rent that.


sorry for causing my brother to stumble,
it has "just a little" unholiness in it so it's okay and it's for research, so it's okay.
just don't preach any sermons on pornography that require research

wait, maybe this is the automated robot commenting....


Not only do we not know how we ought to pray because of a "butterfly" effect in our lives or is it a weird "(prayer)string theory" :). But and this is also important we do not know how our "good" prayers might affect others in generations to come. Our present suffering may avoid untold suffering in our grandchildren or in the church a 100 years from now.


Wade Tannehill





An especially good post. It made me think that "you shouldn't sweat the small stuff" unless you're talking about that small part of the small stuff that you can actually do something about. I.e., it's not that the small stuff doesn't matter. But most of it you can't do anything about. You might as well try to keep that butterfly from flapping. A fairly recent problem for people is, we immediately know about 100,000 small things all of the time. But I'm rambling now.


Great post.


You keep writing and I will keep enjoying!

Jim Martin

This is a very good post. You've done a great job with this series.

Trey Morgan

As always, another good post. I've enjoyed this series too...



Your post brings to mind the prayer of Jesus in the garden. Even his request was not granted on that occasion. God's purpose required Jesus to go to the cross. So he endured what came, and did so righteously. The difficulties I pray to avoid are so much smaller, yet sometimes it is still hard to accept God's answer righteously.

Bobby Valentine

The last sentence is worth it all.

Bobby Valentine

Wade Tannehill


Thanks. Speaking of small stuff, my wife and I took a weekend trip to Ohio. On that end they sent our luggage to Chicago. On the way back a flight delay coming from Ohio caused us to miss a connecting flight from Denver to home. Everything worked out though. We took a later flight to a town one hour from here and a friend came and picked us up. But I didn't sweat the small stuff. It wouldn't have done any good and I wondered what kind of positive cause and effect this might have been having in the grand scheme.

Wade Tannehill

Preacherman, Gallagher, and Jim,

Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Wade Tannehill


How true, in my life as well.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for letting me know.

Wade Tannehill



Jim Sexton

I have read through the posts and the comments (they took longer and were harder to get through at times) and am grateful for the time and effort that you put into this.

Ben's opening comment brings to mind on of my favorite verses in Christian music, from O Sacred Head.

"What language shall I borrow, to thank thee dearest friend?"

Sometimes, it isn't a matter of not knowing what to ask for, nor is it a failure to know how to ask or even who... sometimes the words that I need don't exist in any of the languages of the world.

I love that prayer is conversation with our Creator. I wonder if God wishes we'd just talk to him, empty our hearts, and seek his blessings. Seems that if we don't have at least one request in our prayers, well we were just wasting God's time. That is how some people feel about their prayer life.

Can't our love and desire to serve him just inspire us to call on him just as we'd pick up the phone for no other reason than to speak with a friend that we don't get to see anymore?

I look forward to reading and interacting more with you and those that come here to read and discuss or faith, our beliefs, and our Father.



I think the hardest thing for the Christian to do is to trust God to have His will and to trust that God's will actually is the best for us.

So many times, I think that we end up trying to push for our own agendas even acting on our own agendas and falling far short of the blessing God has for us.

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