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Wade, Great Post.

One of my biggest weaknesses is contentment, or should I say the lack there of. Many times I'm looking for the next big thing to make me happy or content. Almost like I'm saying, "If only I can have this, then I'll be happy."

How long did the Israelites cry out to God in the wilderness? It wasn't so much about God getting the Israelites out of Egypt as it was God getting Egypt out of the Israelites.

I have found, however, that any time I've made personal sacrifices and commitments to God that he has blessed me in huge ways. A few years ago, I was addicted to pornography to the extent that it nearly broke up my marriage. After coming to the bottom of myself, I made a commitment to God that I would never look at pornographic material again. A few days later, I got accepted for a job position that I had been waiting months for. Call it coincidence, but I like to think it was God rewarding me for a sacrifice that would end the end kill me.

This year I made the decisions that I would ween myself off of cigarettes ultimately ending in my never smoking again. This Sunday will be my last cigarette... FOREVER. Since my decision to sacrifice, God has opened up incredible job promotion opportunities for me.

I feel like so many times in our prayers, we try to make bargains with God. "God if only you will... then I will..." Many times I think God is saying the same thing. Only we're too distracted by what we want that we don't hear him.

On a totally different note, I posted a "Which Comic Book Superhero/Supervillain Are You?" post today. It's a quiz you take to determine your commonalities. Take it if you have time, I'm interested in seeing how you score.


well-said, thanks for that

we keep asking God for snakes and stones and complain when we don't get them.

a wise man once sang..."sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers"
oh wait a minute, that was just Garth Brooks, but he still has a point.

Tim Archer

Amen! God can be moved to act, but He's not a vending machine.

Grace and peace,


Well Wade-
There you go... good post. That whole father/child - Father/child thing is much more than an analogy it's a "realogy".


Bobby Valentine

Excellent post Wade. Our Abba will give us anything ... that does us no harm. Prayers that seek first the kingdom are the kind that define "anything."

I hope Justin is doing better.

Bobby Valentine

Matt Dabbs

What do you think about this one? I knew some parents that when their kids were little would pray that their children would die young if they weren't going to grow up to be Christians. That one kind of haunts me but I really don't know what to do with it? Do they have a point? Is that too extreme?

Trey Morgan


I always enjoy your blog. The posts on prayer have been excellent. This one was especially good.

Blessings brother


I've always said you are a teacher. Teach on.


God acts and he takes care of us but he give us a responsibility.
You hear if God is such a loving God why is their hungry, sick, ect. Doesn't he give us that responsibility. Jesus tell us I was sick and took care of me. I was hungry you fed me, ect. Responsibility on our part. Will we do it or not. We will do his will or not.
I think he allows us to suffer to draw us to him. Rely on him. Count our blessings. See all the good things that he has done in our lives (if that makes sense). Strengthen our faith.

I know how hard it was to see Justin sick but have you ever thought to yourself why am I here instead of North Korea (family not knowing Jesus), Africa, (family dying with AIDS), etc, why am I here.

God does take care of us.



Our dog had 7 puppies this weekend.. We can over night one to you to give to Erin. Let me know. We can send it mail or UPS. :-}



Thanks for the continuing, thought-provoking series!



I can even send you two puppies if Justin wants one. I found a bigger box.


Hey, Wade. Thanks for the comment on my last post. Funny. I'll tag you secretly if you want to play.

Wade Tannehill


In regard to your first comment, I appreciate your courage to be transparent. How encouraging! I do wonder if a person can break any addiction cold turkey. I did notice that in regard to smoking though you mentioned the weaning process. God bless you with that.

I agree with you totally that sometimes God is waiting for us to make a change. I know from personal experience that God will sometimes withhold from us until we decide that our relationship with him is going to be the most important thing in our lives.

Thanks again for your testimony.

paula harrington

Matt and Wade and group,

I don't think it's too extreme to pray that if our children turn away from God when their adults to ask God to take them while they're children. I think it's hard to pray (and say) but I think it is a sincere and faithful request. I can't imagine the grief of losing one of my children while they are young but I know that the thought of them being lost for eternity would be much worse.

By the way, we got our five children a puppy two weeks ago. I say bite the bullet and get one. :)


Great post.

Wade Tannehill

Paula and Preacherman,

My children have a goldfish who is now four years old. Its name is Comet. We don't have to let it outside, take it to the vet for shots, or board it at the kennel during vacation. When Comet's days are through it's a simple burial at sea. What more could any kid want?


I had a fish once. Named sushi. It tasted sooooo good. You eat fish. Dogs are mans best friend. Puppies are cute. Like I said before, I can send you one mail of UPS. One for Justin and One for Erin. Just let me know.


I preached on Numbers 14 last night and shared some of the Open Theism ideas just to challenged everyone and give them something to chew on.
We are really emphasizing daily bible reading, our Sunday AM class is based on that schedule. So I told them to really see what they can learn about God in reading the OT.

anyway, I have't read sanders yet but will put it on my list and get around to it someday. Your blog was helpful in my sermon prep.

paula harrington

I agree with Preacherman. If you can flush it, it's not a pet :)

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