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At least that is more specific than "church of Christ" or "baptist" or "catholic".

Chris Gallagher (aka The Gallagher)

LOL....just too good to be true!

john dobbs

Great question! I have no idea what to put on the sign ... Naps R Us? LOL

Bobby Valentine

Perhaps those are sermons from the Koran ... oops!

What sign. I do hope it was a Southern Baptist and not a "Church of Christ." Sad either way.

Bobby Valentine


That is crazy!
They might as well have put no hope preached here, stay away!


A Simple Message of faith, hope and love?

I thought a lot about this. You took it in a direction I had not expected when first viewing teh photo. Good question.


It's a good thing the sign wasn't any bigger


A long time ago we went to a meeting in Wolfe City, TX and the preacher had a degree in psychology.
The way he spoke about salvation and Jesus and the church and the way he smiled while he was doing so...just made you want to be a Christian. It made me happy to be one. He was happy with preaching it and it would have made the sinners happy in obeying it. It really does matter the manner in which it is spoken. I love Foy Smith's Book: Take A Little Honey With You. More preachers should read it.

Royce Ogle

Seen on a church sign: On your way to hell? We can help!

Wade Tannehill

Brian, Chris, John, Bobby, and Darin,

Thanks so much for stopping by with your comments. Each of you always make good contributions.

Wade Tannehill

It's about time you commented on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by. I've checked out your new blog and I look forward to hearing more from you both there and here. A bigger sign might have had an entire prophecy of doom.

I so appreciate your sharing that positive experience with us. I think you well summarized the point of this post. And thanks for the book recommendation. I always appreciate those.

That's hilarious!

Royce Ogle

Some folks are as loyal to the KJV as some of us are to A Cappella. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

I prefer the NKJV, both of our preachers use the NIV most of the time.

Usually, those who make a big thing of their "distinctives" are causing me to say "I think I'll pass."


Grace and Peace,
Royce Ogle


That is very funny! I appreciate honesty!!

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for stopping by. I just had to share that one.



I once saw a "doctrine of hell" sermon title: "Hell? Yeah!"

When I was preaching every Sunday, the sign would have to say, "Sometimes God speaks in spite (instead?) of our preacher. A toss-up for saints and sinners every Sunday! Come give it a whirl."


By the way, how can you study texts like that and be a New Testament Christian?

Wade Tannehill

"New Testament Christian?" I can't find that phrase in my Bible. It must be in the same special dictionary where you'll also find such phrases as "Age of Accountability," "Church Building," and "Separate and Apart."

Brad Palmore

I consulted with a church in GA once whose sign said "Try Jesus. Satan will always take you back." It's not as bad as this one, but it is definitely reveals how little attention we give to the true message behind the statements we make.

Wade Tannehill


Glad you found your way to my blog. Thanks for sharing another "bad sign." I've just been to visit your blog and the link about you on the church website. Look forward to hearing more from you there and (hopefully) here.

Russ Lester

Wade -
Cheryl and I just stopped by to say hello from Rockford, IL. Hope all is well with you Gretchen and the kids. We have had had the opportunity to read some of your blog postings. We have fond memories of your preaching style and messages. We found a church family we truely love and have been a part of since 1998. We are both actively involved.I posted the url. We love and miss you guys. Russ and Cheryl Lester

Wade Tannehill

Russ and Cheryl,

We love and miss you too and I'm glad you stopped by. I would have replied sooner, but I've been out of town.

We had heard that you were involved at Northeast and we are happy to know that you are part of such a dynamic church family.

Please use my e-mail link to send me a line so I can have your latest address. I'd love to catch up.

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