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Bobby Valentine

Just write out the Apostle's Creed and sign your name. :-)

And they call you a "liberal" from "Liberal!!!" :-)

Bobby Valentine


Great... simply great! Thanks for sharing.

Wade Tannehill


I am sometimes "jokingly" introduced as the
"Liberal Preacher", but as we both know, my core beliefs statement would be considered quite fundamental by a "true" liberal. If my beliefs are considered liberal, it may be because of what I've omitted from center. But I won't go there----yet.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks so much for the plug on your blog. I'll be checking yours out more thoroughly in the near future. So expect to hear from me and I hope to continue to hear from you.

Royce Ogle

Great Blog!

I can sign my name to your statement of faith! I'll check back often.

Royce Ogle

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for your encouraging comment. Glad you stopped by. I enjoyed checking out your blog as well. I hope to eventually see a profile or about me page so we can get to know you better.

John Dobbs

You're doing a great job on your blog, Wade ... just wanted to say howdy. I think it is important to rehearse our core beliefs, lest we stray from them ... and so that others can be reassured or our connections to one another.

Wade Tannehill

Thanks John,

I also enjoy reading your blog, although I don't always comment. I especially enjoyed the travelogue regarding your visit to the NACC and your comments on X-Men 3 and Superman Returns. Helpful.

ben overby

Amen, Wade.

Wade Tannehill


Coming from one of your intellectual caliber the Amen is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.


Wade, you've really got me questioning what's at my center... looking forward to your next great post!

Gary Cleveland

Hey Wade,

Great post! Somehow I sense that you are not in Kansas anymore. I'm speaking metaphorically, of course. You've certainly transcended the usual anthro-centric approach so typical of those of us living in post-modern times. May each of us in our statements of faith be so Theo-centric.

Your long, lost pal in Oshkosh,

Gary Cleveland

Wade Tannehill


Thanks so much for your affirming comment. Post-modernism has its ups and downs. One of the drawbacks is the extreme subjectivity and self-centeredness which can too easily be seen as the arbiter of truth as opposed to an objective transcendant reality. The up side, in my opinion, would be the challanges to our modernistic assumptions which presupposed that having the right formulas (or hermeneutic) would give us all the correct answers.

As far as being in Kansas, I haven't been there metahorically for a very long time. But literally, I am very much there--going on 8 years now.

I've dropped in on your blog from time to time due to a link on an early post of Bobby Valentine. He and I have been close friends since college.


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