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Frank Bellizzi

Hi, Wade. Glad you and your family had such a good time in Tulsa. I always enjoy your posts and look forward to hearing about the books. Be sure to give another notice at Blog Buddies. Thanks to a glitch with Blogger, all of my links in the sidebar at my blog have been deleted. Ugh.


I might go to Tulsa, Summit or other ones if they switched Speakers. Tired of seeing the same ones over and over again. Why not give others a chance. Something new and fresh. I want to go to Tulsa, Summit and you be a Keynote.


Thanks for the suggestions and links. I hate when I miss good ones. It was good to see you and the family and thanks for connecting me with Ron.


HE BLOGS!! great to see you and the fam

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for the comment. I knew there was some reason I didn't go with blogger.


There are always new people and sometimes, as with Trey Morgan, they get promoted to the Pavilion. You should come next time!


Great to see you too. I take it you liked Ron's hoodie.


I hope to be blogging a lot more now. I've actually made a list of things I want to write about. As with preaching, it helps to have a plan.

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