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Good thoughts.

Wade Tannehill


Thanks for dropping in and for letting me know you were here.


Hi, Wade. Nice post. About a year ago, I read the first hundred pages of Meacham's book and thought it was really good. Well-informed and reasoned. Refreshing balance, etc. My sense is that the Founders assumed: (A) that the various versions of Christianity were generally true and that they represented a vital part of the foundation of this "New Order for the Ages." (B) that the future growth of, specifically, the Chrisian religion in America was assured. They don't seem to be thinking at all about the secularization of the republic and the influx various other world religions. Nevertheless, their/our Constitution is still very workable. But because we find ourselves in a context that, at least in some ways, is different from theirs, we have to confront a new set of questions. It certainly is an interesting time to be alive. This post makes it that much more interesting. Keep writing, my friend.

Wade Tannehill

Thank you Frank.


good thoughts, wade, I will have to check out that book.
I am working on a book about being christian in america.


It makes me wonder what they would think about the decay of morality and irreverence found today. Would they change anything?
Good post.


This is the best post that I have read in a long time on any blog.
Keep up the great work brother!

Tim Archer

Thanks Wade. So much of this reasoning gets lost in the hysteria.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

Wade Tannehill

Thanks, Tim.


I someone is interested about this topic " I recommend The Silencing of God" The dismantling of America's Christian Heritage produced by: www.WVBS.org by Dave Miller Ph. D. Also you can find it in www.youtube.com.

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